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There might be some Committee Chair changes after the new year. For those that are obviously wrong, once a new Chairperson is selected, the new person will be entered.

Advertising Good & Welfare Publicity
Audit Hamfest Public Service
Astronomy Net
History Refreshments
Briarcliffe Liaison Holiday Party
Bylaws Hospitality Reflector - Yahoo!
Computer Net Interference School Club Roundup
Contesting Junior Operators Scouting
Echolink/IRLP The LOG Social Committee
Education Membership Technical
Elections Memorial Fund Tests Sessions (VE)
Field Day Merchandise Toy Drive
Fifty-Fifty N2MEI Award Interfere
Fox Hunting Picnic WAS Manager
50th Anniversary Party Parliamentarian Webmaster
Briarcliffe College Liaison>

Contact Harry KC2FYJ at his callsign ’at’ limarc ’dot’ org.

Ads start at $27 for 3 months in The Log. You can get ads from "business card" size to a full page, the choice is yours. Web site ads are available.

Ad Size and Rates

Size       Month     3 Month     Full Year (10 issues)
Business Card $10 $27 $55
‚ Page $15 $40 $75
‚ Page $25 $60 $135
Full Page $45 $100 $200
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Les Ostrick K2TGW




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Astronomy Net
Craig Ross, KD2CXK

    The Astronomy Net will be meeting on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Net starts at 8:30 on 146.850, W2VL

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Briarcliffe College Liaison

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Jay Marcucci, KC2YSK


Check out the Bylaws page

Bylaws pre 11-9-11
Check out the Bylaws Webpage

Here is a copy of the Bylaws previous to November 9, 2011

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Computer Net
Ken Gunther WB2KWC

Computer Nets will be on W2VL on
the 3rd & 4th Wednesdays at 8:30pm.

Computer Nets will be on the 3rd & 4th Wednesdays at 8:30 PM on W2VL.

They’re not just laptops and desktops any more. Computers are in our cars, our televisions and even our ham rigs. Join a group of computer enthusiasts on the LIMARC Computer Net to discuss your computer experiences. Got a question? Someone on the net may already know the answer. Working on an interesting project? We’d love to hear about it. We discuss so many interesting topics you may just want to listen even if you don’t have a question for the net.

Computer Nets will be on the 3rd & 4th Wednesdays of each month at 8:30 PM on W2VL.

No license? No Problem: Email your questions to computernet@limarc.org

In a month where there are five weeks, we will have an FYI Net with an assortment of information.

Computer Nets will be on the 3rd & 4th Wednesdays at 8:30 PM on W2VL.

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Mel Granick, KS2G

KS2G Contest Information

Information On Paper

QST Magazine
National Contest Journal (NCJ)
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111

CQ Magazine
CQ Communications
25 Newbridge Road
Hicksville, NY 11801

Information On The Web


NCJ - http://www.ncjweb.com/

CQ Magazine - http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/

Contesting.com - http://www.contesting.com/

KA9FOX Contesting Library - http://www.qth.com/ka9fox/links.shtml

KG3K Contesting Resources - http://www.cpcug.org/user/wfeidt/Contest/

Contesting Logging Software

CT - http://www.k1ea.com/

NA - http://www.datomonline.com/

TR Log - http://www.qth.com/tr/

WriteLog - http://www.writelog.com/

Freeware Downloads - http://www.qth.com/ka9fox/links_software.shtml

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If you’d like to read about Echolink, please read about it more at www.echolink.org

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Joe Gomez W2BMP
Lew Malchick, N2RQ

Phone: 516-765-1948

To email Joe &/or Lew:

Email Joe: W2BMP@limarc.org

Visit the Education Program Page

Practice ham exams — Try these!


If you are interested in Code, Technician, General &/or Amateur Extra Classes contact Joe Gomez W2BMP. Email address on left.

Visit the Education Program Page

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Ed Ebert KC2E



If you are interested in running for the Board as an Officer or Director or nominating someone else, please read what’s written below so that you’ll know what you need to do. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ed Ebert KC2E.

Election/Nomination Forms must be received IN WRITING, by TBD. Look further down for the address to mail your Form.

At the November General meeting nominations will be announced and nominations from the floor, if any, may be called by LIMARC members. There’s more to read below in this section, so please continue...

All on the Board should click the links below and read them so they are aware of their duties, responsibilities, etc.


http://public.leginfo.state.ny.us/menugetf.cgi?COMMONQUERY=LAWS - Look for "not-for-profit" link on page.

If you are interested in running for any board position, please contact notify Ed Ebert KC2E or any present board member at their callsign at limarc ’dot’ org. You can find on our website a Nomination Form for your use. Nominations will be announced at the November General meeting. Forms must be received by the November Board meeting.

  1. Each year, at the regular monthly meeting for November, the presiding officer shall ask for a report from the elections committee, who shall place in nomination qualified candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least three Directors.

    1. The term "qualified candidate" shall be interpreted to mean that not only is the candidate eligible to hold office, having been a member for at least one year, but that he/she has advised the chairman of the elections committee, in writing, that he/she is familiar with and will accept the responsibilities of office.

  2. Information concerning duties and responsibilities can be found in the bylaws. Link to read Bylaws: By-laws.

  3. Requests in writing can be submitted up to a certain date in November of each year. After that date, an individual must be nominated and seconded from the floor of the November General Meeting. You can get the form requesting nomination here. Download Election/Nomination Form


Phone Call (with follow-up written declaration) - contact Ed Ebert KC2E via elections ’at’ limarc email to receive phone number. Clickable email link is on left side of this committee section.

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Bill Kawka, KC2SYL

At our meetings, and at our hamfests, 50/50 drawings are held. This is an important source of revenue for the club.

It gives those attending the General meetings and some hamfests, a chance to win money and the club to raise some money too. Every bit of help is much appreciated.

Many thanks for going around our meeting hall and our hamfests and helping to raise this money! We all really appreciate it!

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50th Anniversary Party
Diane Ortiz K2DO

phone: 631-691-1801

LIMARC was founded in 1965 and has maintained a focus on public service and technical excellence. The officers and members of LIMARC invite everyone in the Amateur Radio community to attend the celebration. There was a special 40th Anniversary Journal and some special awards. The Journal included a history of the club and a list of all the officers and board members from 1965 to the present.

Hopefully, Diane will be able to organize LIMARC’s 50th Anniversary Party! Perhaps someone reading this would like to take on the task or at least assist Diane, if she does decide to take it on. Feel free to contact Diane K2DO  if you are interested. You can reach them at their callsign at limarc ’dot’ org.

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Field Day
Andy Kaufman KB2AZG


Go To Field Day Webpage

Please visit the Main Field Day Web Site

Here’s a
Map To The LIMARC Field Day Site.

For further information, Go To Field Day Webpage

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Fox Hunting


Come out and learn radio direction finding techniques by locating a hidden transmitter. If you have a doppler direction finder, a handheld beam antenna, or any other radio direction finding equipment, you can lead a group of hunters to be the first ones to locate the box. Even if you do not have any equipment, you can come out and ride with some other experienced hunters and learn the ropes.

We will usually have 2 hunts which run consecutively in the 2 meter band and also in the 220 Mhz and 440 Mhz band. This is a great way to have fun with your fellow hams!!!

Dates and times of the hunts will be announced on the Monday night Info-Net.

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Good & Welfare
Rick Bressler, K2RB

phone: 516-526-6975

If you have any news about yourself or other club members, or their families, both good news and news of concern, please call or send e-mail. Info to the left.

Call or write to Rick. It’s not necessary to know all or even most of the details! His contact info is at the upper left of this committee section as is all contact info on this site.

If you hear something on a repeater or from someone, please don’t assume that it’s known by the chairman. Passing on the information helps a lot. Thanks!

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Richie Cetron, K2KNB
Dave Akins, AK1NS



Please visit our hamfest page to learn about our next hamfest.

To volunteer or for more information e-mail:

Talk-in on W2VL, 146.85 repeater 136.5 PL, negative ’ - ’ shift)

If you are a LIMARC member and you volunteer to help at the hamfest for at least an hour, you will be admitted free!

VOLUNTEER NOW - don’t delay! Contact Dave AK1NS & / or John KD2AKX at

Tax information is on the hamfest page, so please visit and see what you need.

Another Link To The Hamfest Page

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or Email:

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Holiday Party
Diane Ortiz K2DO
email: phone: 631-691-1801

At holiday party time, Diane is always looking for volunteers and appreciates all of the help she can get. We all enjoy our end of year party, so let’s all try to help a bit, whether it’s helping serve food or setting up and putting away tables. It’ll be here before you know it. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Hall. Thanks and hope to cu!

Check the Photo Album to see the pictures of the past Holiday parties.

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RFI Chairmen
Richie, K2KNB

Email: rfi@limarc.org

Please give any and all details of what you hear when there is malicious interference on our repeaters. We have a form here that you can download. It’s a zipped file that contains an executable file that is safe to download. You will most likely get a pop up notice that it is an unknown source, but it’s truly safe.

You can print on it when you see the form on your computer, there’s no need to print it before you fill it out. Fill out the form by clicking on each field first, then print it and snail mail it. You can print on the form with your computer. Just don’t use the "click to submit" feature on the bottom as that feature doesn’t work.

Then save the form on your computer using a unique name. Maybe put in your callsign and date along with "Interference form" or words to that effect.

You should zip the file you’ve filled in before attaching it because many email programs do not send out .exe files. Just right click on your file to zip it. When you right click, you might see, "Compress and email". Do that and you’re golden - it will automatically open your email program and attach the zipped file. Sometimes you’ll see "Add to archive" and that will put the zipped file on your computer. If you do it that way, just attach the zipped file that same way you’d attach any other file.

Just make sure that each time you send in a report that you change the file name somewhat so that it stays unique. Make sure to really attach the zipped Interference form in your email - it’s so easy to forget. Whatever information you can give (even if it’s to say that you could hear nothing on the input) is greatly appreciated.

There is a "Click to Submit" button and wording on the Interference form, but please don’t use that as it doesn’t work. If you run into trouble or you have any questions about how to make your form work, you can contact either Rich N2STU or Nancy N2TKA (me) at our callsigns at limarc.org.

Click the here the fill out Interference Form.


If you have a problem with the form itself, please contact Rich N2STU at his callsign N2STU at limarc.org. Thanks for being part of the solution!

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Junior Operators

Hopefully, we’ll have more Junior Operators to have a JO. It is an organization within LIMARC which is tailored to newly licensed hams and young hams alike. We don’t have too many young, but there are always new hams! Welcome and hopefully, the JO group will start again.

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Ceil Gomez, W2CTG
email at: w2ctg@limarc.org

Go To The Log Webpage

The LOG is the official publication of LIMARC. Published each month with the exception of July and August, the Log is sent via electronic mail to all members. Contributions are always welcome from everyone. Please send all articles to Ceil Gomez, W2CTG, Editor of The LIMARC LOG, before the 15th of each month.


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Jerry Abrams WB2ZEX
phone: (718) 531-7795

Get Your Membership Application Form

If you would like to become a member of LIMARC, we have a downloadable, printable Membership Application Form To get the application - just click here. We are a club that is supported by its members and regular users of the repeaters are asked to join the club. We thank you in advance and hope to see you soon at one of our meetings and/or functions.

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Memorial Fund (Helen Reed)
Diane Ortiz K2DO
Nancy Rosner, N2TKA
email Diane at:

Inquires regarding scholarship information can be emailed to

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Check the Logo Clothing page...

If you’d like to make a purchase, your check should be made out to "Limarc, Inc."

Items can be picked up at meetings; please request in advance.

There are very high quality hats with the LIMARC Logo as well as great sweatshirts and T-shirts with the LIMARC Logo. It can also have on it your name and callsign... whatever you wish!

Check the Logo Clothing page...

There are photos, pricing, and more.

If you’d like to make a purchase, your check should be made out to "LIMARC, Inc."

If you didn’t make it to Field Day, you missed out on getting a FREE T-shirt & and a terrific one at that. We got great shirts, like no other, thanks to the hard work of our Merchandise Chair. Here’s a thumbnail photo of the shirt. To see better, click the thumbnail FD shirt 2004 and see just what was on the shirt we got. Betch’a you’ll want to come next year!

Here’s the NEW LIMARC cloisonne pin that has been created. The size is approximate, not actual size. pinart

Below is an enlarged image so you can see the detail on the web. While you can see it, this view distorts the actual pin. This is here just so that you can easily see what’s on the pin.

I’ve seen the pin and it is SO much prettier than this photo shows! The antenna is gold (not green as it appears in the photo). The map and car are outlined and detailed with beautiful, shiny gold. It really is a beautiful cloisonn pin and you get it FREE if you buy a book of raffles. The raffles are $1/each, but you get 13 raffles for only $10 and this pin is included! I’m not kidding, it really is very beautiful!

LIMARC Lapel Pins - click here!
<abbr>LIMARC</abbr> Pin

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N2MEI Award
Al Bender,  W2QZ
Howard Jrimko, WF2Q


Kevin C. Kane, N2MEI, was a New York City Firefighter, and a member of LIMARC. Early on the morning of September 12, 1991, Kevin responded with Engine Company 236 to a fire in at an abandoned apartment house in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Despite the knowledge that there might not be enough hose to reach all parts of the house, Kevin and his fellow firefighters entered the building in search of victims. Shortly thereafter, a section of burning ceiling fell on Kevin. Despite the frantic efforts of his colleagues, they were not able to reach him. Eventually he managed to jump from a window, into the bucket of a fire truck. Having been burned over most of his body, he died the next day.

In his honor, The NYFD named a fireboat The Kevin C. Kane, and created the Kevin C. Kane Medal for bravery.

In his honor, LIMARC created the N2MEI Award for outstanding public service.

This award can be given to anyone, not just LIMARC members, who are within the area covered by the LIMARC repeaters i.e., NYC-LI. We welcome your recommendation of noteworthy candidates.

Previous winners:
2009 Jim Mezey, W2KFV
1998 George Gluck, WA2WKV
1996 Mario Maltese, WF2T

Les Ostrick, K2TGW


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Jeff Forkos, N2ION
Email: n2ion@aol.com


Bethpage State Park
Softball Game; Bike Ride; Motorcycle Ride
Operating HF and VHF stations; Find the hidden transmitter
A great social event! Bring the kids!
Barbecue! soda, water, and juices!
We will need volunteers to help set up in the morning. Please let me know!
Jeff, N2ION n2ion@aol.com , Picnic Chairman

If you get there before 8AM there is no charge to get in. Come down and join the fun - bring your bicycle, roller blades, lounge chair and QRP rig!

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Public Service

Jim Mezey W2KFV
NLI Section Manager

LIMARC — ARES Liasons:

Dave Akins, AK1NS, District Emergency Coordinator
email: ak1ns@ak1ns.net
John Wilson, KD2AKX, Assistant District Emergency kd2akx@aol.com

George Cavaliere WB2HPI
EOC Liason to LIMARC and to ARES

Visit Nassau County Ares

The Nassau County ARES and RACES nets are combined and they convene every Monday at 8:00 PM on 443.525 +5 PL of 114.8

Nassau County ARES is a well organized and very active in the delivery of public service communications for large scale events and during communications emergencies in support of the American Red Cross and Nassau County RACES.   ARES meets twice monthly at Red Cross HQ at 195 Willis Ave in Mineola (rear entrance, 2nd flr).  Training meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month and general/training meetings occur on the 4th Thursday of each month.  Meetings begin promptly at 7:30pm.

ARES needs your support and participation as either an Active or as a Reserves member.  You will receive hands on training in net operations, U/VHF voice comms and digital modes like DMR, packet, and NBEMS in the fully equipped radio communications facility at Red Cross.  ARES focuses also on emergency preparedness training, Skywarn, ICS and NIMS for its members.  We encourage you to join us in providing this vital service to our communications partners and the public.

Visit www.NassauCountyARES.org for complete information
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Diane Ortiz K2DO

phone: 631-286-7562


Diane K2DO is involved in publicizing club events such as Field Day, the Hamfests, classes, etc. She is always interested in members and club activities.

Many of the local papers carry our announcements, but it helps if you know someone there. If you have any contacts in the media or local "political scene" please let her know. We also keep a list of web pages that have event listings.

It’s important that we let the public know of our activities, especially those involving public service. Besides Diane K2DO who is LIMARC’s Publicity Chairman; Rich Levow WA2NLL, is LIMARC’s Assistant Chairman.

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Jay DeBono N2SVX

At our monthly meetings, we are lucky enough to have great donuts and coffee while we take time to visit and talk to our friends. The donuts are wonderful and while many don’t usually think about it, there’s a lot of work involved before and after the meetings. The hot beverages have to be set up and brewed, the sugar and substitutes, the milk, etc. and the donuts have to be placed out for the members’ convenience, and then there’s the cleaning up afterwards which isn’t fun. Jay, we really appreciate what you and your crew/family do for us each month!

AGAIN!! It is really very much appreciated - every month! Thanks Jay!!

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Reflector- Yahoo Groups
Don Kane, WB2BEZ

A new Yahoo! Groups LIMARC Reflector has been started. Go to this section to either join or find link to read messages.

This is the address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LimarcInc/

The default setting for the Reflector is to send you an email for each post. You don’t need to get these emails to be part of the Reflector, you can change your settings so that you can get one email a day, with the days postings - that’s called the Digest version. Or you can choose to get no emails, but to read the posted messages on the Yahoo! Groups Reflector site. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LimarcInc/ If you have a problem changing your settings, just post on the Reflector and ask that your setting be changed for you by a Moderator. It will be done ASAP.

Before you sign on to the new Reflector, check the rules on the Reflector Rule page.

You can sign on to the Reflector from the home page You can also go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LimarcInc/ to sign up. You must be a member of LIMARC to be able to join the Reflector.

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School Club Roundup
Chairman: Lew Malchick N2RQ

email Lew at:

About The School Club Roundup

By Lew Malchick, N2RQ

School Club Roundup (SCR) is sponsored by the ARRL, its Hudson Division Education Task Force and and the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC), to foster contacts with and among school radio clubs.

The SCR is a great way to get young operators on the air. Very often a new operator will be intimidated by the fear of not knowing what to say to the stranger on the other side of the radio. The exchange information helps to overcome this fear in a low pressure contest format. Operators are encouraged to take some time to chat beyond the contest exchange.

Award certificates will be issued for the following US and DX categories:
Schools: Elementary, Middle/Intermediate/Junior High School, High School and College/University.
In addition, non-school clubs and individials also compete for certificates.

Join the SCR e-mail reflector by sending an e-mail to SCR-L-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

The information above was taken from the ARRL website, it was written by the SCR chairman, Lew N2RQ. To read more, please check out the ARRL website about the School Club Roundup.

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Scouts Liaison
 Robert Batchelor W2OSR

phone: 516-671-4083

If you would like to participate in JOTA please e-mail me with your callsign, QTH, and how you would like to be involved. Would you allow scouters to come to your home, or prefer to set up a temporary location?

Remember that participation can also include keeping your station on the air so that other stations have people to talk to.

We appreciate your help!


Robert W2OSR

Scouts and Jamboree On The Air -- Learn More!

Are you a scout that would like to talk to another scout, perhaps in another country - on the air? Learn about JOTA! JOTA is held the third weekend in October. JOTA begins on a Saturday, so read the ARRL article and get all the info you need! It’s a great time for all, so check it out.

Read what the ARRL has to say about JOTA "Jamboree On The Air"http://www.arrl.org/FandES/ead/scouthbk/ii.html and join in the fun!

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Social Committee

What is the social committee?

The social committee will arrange events that are not necessarily ham related. these activities should be fun, exciting and interesting things that one might not think a radio club would hold. The committee will arrange these activities, collect the funds, issue tickets and make all the arrangements for the club members, their families and friends. These activities will attract our members and people who are not members and give them a chance to get to know each other, have fun and hopefully increase the membership through positive experiences.

What kind of activities will the social committee arrange?

I thnk we will arange for activities that will include families, activities for men, activities for women and activities for children. Items could include, but are not limited to: picnics, barbaques, bicycle rides, theater, movies, bowling, paintball, rafting, cruises, dinner theater, dinner cruises, dude ranches, and more. The imagination and limitations are only defined by who joins to be part of the committee.

Who can be a member of this committee?

Any limarc member!

When will the committee meet?

I will make arangements with Levitown hall for our meeting. The dates will be posted here on the web and in the LOG

How many activities will be aranges in any given year?

That will depend on who is on the committee, who will participate and the reaction of our members.

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Technical Co-Chairmen:
Eric Spiegel KE2EJ

Email: Technical@limarc.org 

Bernie K2YO
Lou NY2H
Richie, K2KNB

As everyone probably knows by now, there is a very active Technical Committee in place, and I wanted to let everyone know what we would like to accomplish.

Our overall goal is to make it possible to use a handie-talkie in Montauk, and reach to Manhattan and beyond. We have begun work by inspecting and upgrading equipment, and we expect very shortly to have the first of out links up and running. This will be used to link the Selden repeater with the 85 repeater. The times and length of linking are to be determined.

We are looking into ways of bringing Echolink and IRLP into the normal operations of the club. These also become valuable tools in the total linking process.

We will keep you informed about what is going on and we also value your input. You can contact us at with your questions and opinions, and also look for postings on the Limarc Reflector, and on the website at www.limarc.org

We would also like to encourage you to sign up for the Limarc Reflector. Just follow the links here on the website. As we put into place some of these technical changes, the Website and the Reflector will be important ways for us to keep you informed.

Eric, KE2EJ
Technical Chairman

` Well, these are the guys that keep our repeaters up and operational. We do all thank you!

If you have a question regarding the repeaters, send Eric your question via email at the address on the left.

There is a Tech Net every Sunday at 8:00 PM. For more information about the Tech Net and all of LIMARC Nets, check the LIMARC net page.

The Technical committee has formed a Tech Net Chat Room. The address is www.urwebchat.com/technet.
Please join in!

LIMARC operates 5 repeaters:

W2KPQ 449.375 — DMR Repeater

WA2LQO 146.745 — PL. 136.5 (Grunman)

W2VL 146.850 —

The Glen Oaks and Selden sites are linked together and can be reached at IRLP node 9126.

Echolink station ID: Glen Oaks – W2VL–R

W2KPQ 449.125 —

IRLP node is: 4969
Echolink station ID: Plainview – W2KPQ-L

W2KPQ 147.375 +

Echolink station ID: Selden – W2KPQ-R

W2KPQ 224.820 –

W2VL 1288.00 –

All have a PL of 136.5

The Glen Oaks and Seldon sites are linked together and can be reached at IRLP node 9126.

There is a FREE iPhone app for Echolink where you can talk directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch straight to the air via Echolink as long as you’re connected to the Internet either direct or via WiFi.

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Toy Drive
Rich Selzer N2WJL

Pictures from the toys for tots given after our Holiday Party are in our Photo Album

Please remember to bring an unwrapped toy to the LIMARC Holiday Party/Parties for toys for tots! You need only spend $5 to $10 on each toy for each person coming to the party and the hospital asks that the toys not be too furry. Thanks and hope to cu there!

Every year at our Holiday Party, the people who come to eat and enjoy the company of friends during the holiday season, also bring an unused, unwrapped toy to donate. It’s a small way of giving back and it’s very much appreciated by the children.

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VE Exams- Ham Exams
Al Bender W2QZ
Jim Mezey, W2KFV

You can best e-mil: ve@limarc.org to reach the committee.

phone: 516-623-6449



Go To Exam Webpage with schedules and directions

VE Sessions are where people can take examinations to become licensed amateur radio operators, "ham" radio operators. If you are interested in becoming a ham there are a number of electronic stores that sell books to study for your Amateur Radio Exam. Just check the date on the book to make sure that the book you are looking at will cover the upcoming tests. Tests do change on a regular basis, so c’mon and get studying! The Internet has many learning sources and LIMARC’S Link page shows many places with many links. Many of the links lead to other links, so browse as you learn.

You can also go to this ARRL site to learn more about how to become a ham from the national association for Amateur Radio, the ARRL. Check the Education section on this site to learn about upcoming classes. If no class schedule is posted, feel free to email one of our Education chairmen.

For more info and directions, you can also go to our VE Schedule page

Try These Practice Ham Exams
Try This One

For any additional help, guidance, questions, whatever; contact our dedicated volunteers whose email addresses are on this page.

Have fun and good luck!

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WAS Manager (Worked All States)
John Reiser, W2GW

Worked all states?


Cards will be checkedc and verified for various ARRL A\awards.

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Richie, K2KNB

E-Mail Addresses

or email:

If you’d like to contribute anything to the website, please pass your ideas on to me. All contributions will be happily received.

LIMARC.org Email Addresses Are Available For All LIMARC Members — You just have to contact Ken, WB2KWC at email shown and give forwarding address that you’d like to use. Ask and in a day or two, you’ll have your own limarc.org email address. No strings. The only requirement is that you must be a LIMARC member.

If you are a member and would like a "yourcallsign@limarc.org" address, please contact me and I’ll make one up for you. Make sure you send along the address you want it forwarded to. If you are a committee chairman or event handler and want that committee or event to have its own address; you can have that also, just click the following link to send your request to me. EMAIL LINKS ON THE WEB will be encoded for your security. Email harvesters will not get your email addy from LIMARC’s website..

Committee Chairmen - if you have anything you’d like me to write in "your" section, just email what you would like said and I will publish it. If you want your email address and/or phone number posted or if any info is incorrect, please let me know. When appropriate, I will make mention of your notice on the LIMARC home page.

I hope you enjoy your stay at our website!

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