Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club ARRL Special Service Club

LIMARC repeater operating practices

LIMARC the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation, formed to encourage and foster mutual interest in amateur radio communications and provide public service. LIMARC provides such communication when required as a result of normal communication means being disrupted by natural or man made causes. LIMARC operates several radio repeater stations to enhance the quality of communication available.

The LIMARC repeaters are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission and the users of said repeaters MUST comply with ALL FCC mandated rules and regulations.

IN ADDITION, beyond the minimum required by law, LIMARC has established operating procedures to optimize the use of the repeaters and to define a level of quality representative of the club.

While not all-inclusive, the following procedures establish a baseline for all repeater users to follow.

Members who violate the above will be warned after the first offense. If the behavior recurs, steps will be taken, up to and including revoking the person's membership, as provided for in the LIMARC By-Laws.

Proper and legal operating etiquette is 95% common sense. While the above limits on content are not all inclusive, they should make clear the type of communication which is NOT appropriate.

In general, if what is being said could be construed as embarrassing or hurtful by a listener, it is probably NOT permitted. Always err on the side of caution. When in doubt… DON'T.