The Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club, Inc. was formed to encourage and foster mutual interest in Amateur Radio Communications.

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  • April 18th-Special Computer Net

    The April 18th LIMARC Computer Net will have a special guest; Rich W2BZ
    who will talk to us about hacker techniques. Rich kept on hearing that
    hackers were interrupting communications, stealing money, data, and
    identities as well as spreading viruses and other malware. He asked
    himself “How do they do that?” Rich did the research to answer that
    question and will share the knowledge with us on the 18th.  Hopefully
    this will satisfy our curiosity as well as give us some insight into how
    to protect ourselves from these techniques.

    Ken WB2KWC

  • Field Day Availability

    Please give us an idea of your availability and areas of interest for Field Day, 2018. This year we will set up on Friday night and Saturday morning, June 22nd and 23rd.

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  • ARISS Contact and Freeport Public Schools 3/27/18

    Today Freeport High School hosted an ARISS program including a very nice
    exchange between students and the ISS.  It was livestreamed for about 2
    hours and 27 minutes.  The program can be re-played at The last hour is of most interest.

    Our vice president, Craig Ross, spoke representing amateur radio and LIMARC.

    Of the few ARISS contacts that I have seen, I think this was the best
    prepared and executed.


  • April Meetings

    April 4th, Board Meeting, Levittown Library, 7:30 PM

    April 11th-General Meeting, Levittown Hall-Pre-session  7PM
    Using a Multi-Meter- Bob Batchelor W2OSR

    Main Meeting at 8 PM

         Main Topic: Must have items for $50 or less. Items will be auctioned off at the end of the demonstration.

    pre-session to be announced



  • ARISS at Freeport H.S.

    LIMARC is the sponsoring club for a contact today between Freeport H.S. and the ISS. You can watch it live stream starting somewhere around 12:40. The actual contact with the ISS will start at 1:41.

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