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AC6V’s Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide

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CQ Magazine
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Time Related Converters And Calculators Communications Converters and Calculators Frequency Wavelength Calculator
FCC Licensing Renewals Oscilloscopes:
Electronic test equipment used for observing wave shape, with clear, easy to read LCD screens. Available from Circuit Specialists, Inc. with unique features and functions compared to your average digital storage oscilloscope.
Tesla Memorial Society of New York
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DXCC maps This is the service containing the complete information on all 337 DXCC Entities, besides contains over 3000 pictures and beyond 1100 maps.
Land Air Communications
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Thanks for the donations for our hamfests!

Thanks for the donations for our hamfest!

Many thanks to Ham University for their donation to our hamfest! Please click and visit their site and give the demo a run! It’s a Windows program to help you pass your ham exams.

Thanks for your donation to our hamfest!

Thanks for your donation to our hamfest!

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N2XBA and NB2A Repeaters Echolink 58497
A law enforcement amateur radio club in the NY city area
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New York City ARES Financial Crisis Net Rig Pix
Pictures of many, many rigs
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Atlanticon 2003 QRP Forum Fun Facts From AES Ham

Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs
Interested? Check out this link. This book, written for hams about VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), is written by Jonathan Taylor K1RFD, the creator of EchoLink and a member of LIMARC and of the ARRL. You can find details about this book that discusses EchoLink, IRLP, eQSO and WIRES-II on this link on the ARRL site.From what I read, this book is good for the beginner as well as those who like to delve into the heart of things. You might want to check it out!

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